Signe Astrup – Writer, Director, Producer  Signe Astrup completed her screenplay studies and graduated from the German  Film&Televison Academy in Berlin (DffB) in 2002. After graduation she was  granted a scholarship from German Columbia Pictures.  Since then she has been working as a freelance screenwriter for German and  Swiss TV networks and production companies such as RTL, Pro7, Rat Pack  Filmproduction and Ufa Fernsehproduktion.  In addition to that she has participated in numerous further educations with  lecturers like Chris Vogler, Keith Cunningham and Tom Schlesinger.  Currently  she is teaching the craft of storytelling in different workshops e.g. for  ProIntegration and Swiss Air.  Since 2006 Signe Astrup has also been working as a director and producer  and has written, produced and directed several short films. She is CEO of  Sineast Filmproduction and in charge of script-development and  documentaries. 
Robin Meurer –  Director and Producer Robin Meurer was born in Graz/Austria and graduated with a Masters Degree in  English in combination with Film and Media studies in 2003.  During the course of his studies he gained essential practical work experiences in  film and television productions in Germany, Austria and the US. In addition to  that he has written, produced and directed numerous short films.  After his move to Berlin he worked as an Assistant Producer for Egoli Tossell  Film in the feature film department. Since 2005 he has been working as an  independent filmmaker, film producer and translator of screenplays and  treatments for national  and international productions.
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