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THE CLEVER GO GARDENING Documentary / 27 Min. / 2007  The film embarks on a search for the Laubenpieper – a typical German  allotment holder – and finds an old fashioned garden culture settled  somewhere between dusted GDR structures and the new artist elite of Berlin. 
Writer & Director Signe Astrup Produced by Sineast Filmproduction   With Wladimir Kaminer, a.o.
NON-FICTION: Finished Projects
Festivals & Awards Green Unplugged Film Festival 2011 Green Film Festival Seoul 2008 Docs-for-Sale at the International Documentary Film Festival Amsterdam 2007
METROPOLIS TV Short documentaries / each 5-10 Min. / 2008–15  Dutch short-documentary TV-series covering cultural and social themes for a  young, international audience. Sineast reports from Berlin/Germany and  Greenland. 
Writer & Director Signe Astrup Robin Meurer Lene Lavtsen Produced by Sineast Filmproduction for VPRO and NED3 (Holland)  
Finished Episodes (click to view):  Sweet 15 / Elvis – a worldwide phenomenon /  Social outcasts / The world of Billy / Superstition /  A Dog’s Life / Report on Cops in Greenland /  Report on Gays in Greenland / World of Soccer /  Prostitution / My Home / Gold 
Festivals & Awards Winner of the international MEDEA AWARD für innovative television. Winner of the SILVER PRITCHETT at the Silver-Nipkow Prize. Winner of the PRIX EUROPA SPECIAL COMMENDATION. Winner of the DE TEGEL 2010 award.
IN GOOD TIMES AND IN BAD  Documentary / 48Min. / 2011  Klara (32) was looking for a pen-pal and got in touch with Brett (41), who is on  Death-Row in the U.S. since 1991. He’s a convicted murderer but claims to be  innocent - and for years now he’s fighting to get a new trial. After a short time  their pen-pal friendship turned into a love relationship. Although they can`t get  intimate they are keeping this going for almost seven years now. And their  bond is so strong that they now want to get married in prison. This film tells  their unusual story. 
Writer & Director Robin Meurer Produced by Sineast Filmproduction in collaboration with cine parallel Ltd.  
Supported by Cinestyria Filmkunst
TRAILER: coming soon